Comprehensive & effective screening of small molecule compounds

Sol SC Multi-Cell Screening

Sol EF Smart Efficacy Analysis

Sol IN Indication Optimization

Sol TM Target & MoA

Sol DE Smart Design

  • Human tissue-specific endothelial cell activity
  • Combination of more than 15 assays
  • Disease phenotype-based analysis system **
  • Protection of endothelium,
    Anti-angiogenesis, Anti-aging
  • In vivo & ex vivo efficacy evaluation of active molecules
  • Vascular leakage, Angiogenesis, Inflammation, Aging
  • Efficacy validation & confirmation of indication in disease animal models
  • Edema, Inflammation, Loss of blood vessels, Abnormal vessel development, Combination therapy
    Genome database, Signal transduction, Specialized cell and tissue analysis
  • Active molecule synthesis & optimization system by AI-based hit generation, high-throughput system
  • Database, Chemical informatics, Chemical library, AI & in-silico based design and synthesis, Optimized PK and toxicity analysis