Curacle Co., Ltd. has gained global competitiveness with globally acknowledged experts backed by years of experienceStrengthening market control through the continued success of the pipeline and global partnerships.


Myung-Hwa Kim, PhDCEO / CSO

  • Mains University (Germany), Ph.D (Medi-Chem), M.S & B.S (Pharmacy)
  • Korea Drug Development Fund, CSO/ Project Evaluation & Management Team Leader
  • Jeil Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, Director (Division of New Drug Development, R&D Center)
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, Senior Researcher (Fuji Gotemba Research Labs.)

Gwang-Lak ParkCEO / CFO

  • College of Business Administration at Seoul National University
  • Representative Director of Golden bridge SPAC III
  • Vice-president in JNT investment
  • Incubating venture business
  • Expert in management consulting, acquisitions/mergers, investment (venture, PEF)

Ji-Hye Kang, Ph.DManaging Director,
Head of Clinical Development Division

  • Seoul National University, Ph.D. (Pharmacy)
  • Handok Inc., Team Leader (Clinical Research Unit)
  • Synex Consulting Ltd., Team Leader (Clinical Operation Unit)
  • ADM Korea Inc., Project Leader (Clinical Operation Unit)
  • Chong Kun Dang Pharma., Principal Scientist (Lab. of Med. Chem./R&D Center)
  • Sequoia Pharmaceutical Inc. USA, Staff Scientist (Lab. of Med. Chem.)
  • National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA, Research Fellow (Lab. of Med. Chem.)

Koo Hyeon AHNExecutive director,
Head of New drug Research Division

  • Jeonbuk National University, M.S. (Medi-Chem)(Pharmacy)
  • Handok Inc., Senior Researcher
  • C&C Research Lab., Senior Researcher

Hyun Jung Kwak, Ph.DDirector,
New drug Research Division

  • Chungnam National University, Ph.D (Medi-Chem)
  • KRICT, Senior Researcher
  • SK Biopharm, Senior Researcher

Jung-In Pyo, Ph.DDirector,
Business Development Division

  • Yonsei University, Ph.D. (Medi-Chem)
  • iNtRON biotechnology, Team Leader
  • Sahmwook University, adjunct prof.
  • KIST, Post-doc.


Vascular / CancerBasic &

Young-Guen Kwon, PhDCTO / Major shareholder

  • Professor at Yonsei University, Biochemistry Department
  • Full member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
  • Director of BK21 Plus Initiative for Biological Function & Systems
  • (Former) Chairman of the Korean Society for Vascular Science and Medicine
  • Vascular drug target/candidate substance development
Metabolic / Inflammatory diseasesTranslation
& Clinical

In-Kyu Lee, MD/PhDPrincipal shareholder

  • Professor at Kyungpook National University, School of Medicine, Endocrinology
  • Full member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
  • Director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare leading a development project for a new drug for diabetes/obesity
  • Leading authority in clinical and new drug development for endocrine system and diabetes in Korea


Kyuwon KimProfessor at Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy

Namdu KimRepresentative Director of Voronoi Bio

Yeongmyeong KimProfessor at Kangwon National University, School of Medicine

Taeyun KimProfessor at Catholic University, College of Medicine, Dermatology

Jeonggi MinHead of Biotherapeutics Translational Research Center at Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Jin Hee AhnProfessor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Chemistry Department

Hoyoung LeeProfessor at Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy

Victor Sukbong HongProfessor at Keimyung University, Chemistry Department, biochemistry major 20 years of experience in global pharmaceutical company