Curacle Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture business that offers innovative technology, global competitiveness, and potential for continuous growthyUnmet Medical Needs Focused LEADING GLOBAL R&BD Innovator

Company Chronicle

2021 01– Research contract with Korea University (College of Pharmcy & RIPST)
02– CU06 (Diabetic Macular Edema), Approval for Phase 1 IND application by US FDA (NCT04795037)
03– Passed the technical evaluation for technical exception listing (grade: AA, A)
– CU01 (Diabetic nephropathy), Proof of safety and efficacy for Clinical 2a Phase
2020 01– Established Bio & Analytical Laboratory at Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley
03– CU06 CMO service contract with Yuhan Chemical (Rep. of Korea) for cGMP DS production of Phase I study by US FDA
04– Selected for Research Infra Utilization Grant (Research Focused) by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
– CU06, Selected for Pharmaceutical Industry Global Advancement Supporting Project by Ministry of Health and Welfare
06– Research contract for formulation development with LS pharma
08– ‘Bio-Tech Science Innovation Award’ from “2020 6th Korea Leading Enterprise Awards”
09– CU01 (Diabetic nephropathy) Clinical 2a Phase Test Subject Recruitment Completed
– CU03 (Wet AMD) Clinical 2a Phase tolerability Assessment Completed, Additional 60 Patients Recruitment
– Appointment of stock transfer agent (Korea Securities Depository)
10– Introduction and Transition of Electronic Securities System
– Attracted investment amount (US$ 4 million)
11– CU06 (Vessel Protector & Zipper) U.S. Clinical DP Production Completed (cGMP)
– Research contract with Yonsei University and opening an industry-academic cooperation biolab
– Inno-Biz certification (certification number: 200605–01197)
12– Research contract with Severance Hospital
2019 01– Moved to R&D center (DGMIF in Daegu → KRICT in Daejeon)
04– CU06 Technology transfer agreement of Vessel Protector & Zipper from Yonsei Univ.
05– CU01 (Diabetic nephropathy) approval for Phase 2a IND application by MFDS
06– CU06 CRO service contract with Covance (UK) for global GLP non-clinical study
07– Partnership with Samsung Securities for IPO
10– Moved headquarter at Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley
– CU06 CMO service contract with Patheon (USA) for formulation study & cGMP DP production
11– Consult contract with BL&H (USA) for global BD
– Attracted investment amount (US$ 7.1 million)
12– CU03 (Wet AMD) approval for Phase 2a IND application by MFDS
2018 01– CU02 Selected for a biomedical technology development business project for NASH/obesity by Ministry of Science and ICT
03– CU05 Selected for a biomedical technology development business project for lung cancer by Ministry of Science and ICT
10– Moved headquarters (Woorim W-city at Pangyo)
11– Attracted investment amount (US$ 9.0 million)
12– Nominated as a membership business of the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) in Daejeon
2017 01– Established R&D center with certification at DGMIF, Daegu
02– CU01 Technology transfer agreement of renal fibrosis from Kyungpook Nat Univ.
– CU05 Technology transfer agreement of lung cancer from Yonsei Univ.
03– CU03 Technology transfer agreement of macular degeneration from KIOM
04– CU05 Research contract with Gachon Univ, College of Pharmacy
05– CU01 Research contract for formulation development with Mcnulty
06– CU01 Selected for the grant by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
08– CU02 Technology transfer of NASH/obesity from GIST/KAIST/KNU
10– CU04 Selected for optimization for immuno-oncology support by New drug development center at DGMIF
2016 05– Established Curacle Co., Ltd. (Gangnam, Seoul)
10– Attracted investment amount (US$ 1.5 million)
11– Certified as a venture business (No. 20160300500)
– Moved headquarters (Innovalley at Pangyo)