Medical Unmet NeedsLEADING GLOBAL R&BD InnovatorCURACLE Co., Ltd. is introducing a new era,
welcoming 150 years of happiness and health, by developing
innovative new drugs with creative technology for incurable
diseases caused by the aging process and damage
to blood vessels.

New Challenge,
Miracle Cure,
Leading Global Market


Unmet Medical Needs

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Ischemic Vascular Diseases
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Cancer
  • NASH
  • Stroke
  • IBD
Inevitable Vascular Aging / Dysfunction
Vascular Diseases
Metabolic Diseases
Cancer Targeting
/ Immunotherapy

Creative Scientific

Innovative Molecules
New Clinical Concept

  • Vascular Normalization
  • Prevention of Aging
  • Restroation of Vascular Damage
  • Mitochondria Maintenance
Novel TherapeuticsDirecting rapidly growing
present/future market

Open Healthy
& Happy Living up
to 150 years old

Global growth by securing unparalleled
source technology
and creating innovative new drugs

Strengthening market control through the continued success of the pipeline and global partnerships.

2019-2020Growth stage
Growth StageCandidate substance and early clinical phase portfolio
Complete phase 2 clinical trial of CU01 / CU03
Start clinical trial of CU06
Start pre-clinical study of CU02 / CU04 / CU05
Attract investment (Series B)
Discover domestic and foreign partners
Complete technical evaluation for special listings
2021-2023Take-off stage
Take-off StageInitial public offering
Pre-clinical and later-phase clinical portfolio
L/O and co-development with domestic andforeign pharmaceutical companies
Create milestone profits
Establish second laboratory (toxicity/efficacy evaluation)
Add new innovative pipeline
2024 –Achieving VISION
Achieving VISION– Secure independent, innovative drug platform
– Launch independently developed global drugs

Global Leading R&BD Innovator Focused
on Unmet Medical Needs